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Downtown Eau Claire got a nice splash of color and personality this past summer all thanks to the people behind the Eau Claire Sculpture Tour. The purpose of these murals was to inspire and encourage visual arts in Eau Claire while reinforcing revitalization of neglected parts of downtown. You have to come out to see the murals yourself and grab some pics. They are out of this world! Details ยป
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Insta-worthy Murals You Need to See
Eau Claire takes its art seriously; you can tell by just walking down the street and seeing murals at every corner you turn. Recently, there's been a few new ones that have popped up on building exteriors! Make way through the city and grab a selfie at each of them for a color-bursting Insta post.
Eau Claire Visual Arts
While art covers Eau Claire's city streets, it also breathes life into many of Eau Claire's local businesses. Whether you're searching for a gift or that next perfect piece for your home, stroll through some of Eau Claire's best art galleries to get that show-stopping piece of work.
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