Insta-Worthy Murals You Need to See in Eau Claire
Kick off your 2021 in color! The perfect way to do that is with all of the murals that can be found out on the streets of Eau Claire. We've made your search of all of Eau Claire's most "Insta-Worthy" murals super easy with this list. You can go on your very own mural hunt rain, snow or shine. But there is one thing that you must do... take a selfie in front of each one! Make sure you share your mural love with us using #CaptureEC! Details ยป
Midwest Artist Academy
The Midwest Artist Academy is on the hunt for talented, enthusiastic, and eager-to-learn artists from the ages of 14-18 to join them this summer for a transformative learning experience. If that's you or someone you may know, learn more about this incredible opportunity that will be taking place in our cool city this summer from July 11-18, 2021!
Pablo Center lit up at night
Art viewing at Artisan Forge
Fragile Facets at
Artisan Forge
This one is for all the glasswork art fans out there! Artisan Forge will be hosting their "Fragile Facets" glassworks exhibit from February 12, 2021 until March 5, 2021. Come enjoy the beautiful work of many artists and wander through Artisan Forge to see the work at the other many studios on site. Perhaps a visit to Sweet Driver Chocolates in preparation for Valentine's Day?