Sunday Brunches in Eau Claire
Whoever came up with the idea of "Sunday Brunch" was a visionary. It's truly magical to have a time in the day when eating either breakfast or lunch food is acceptable. After you sleep in on Sunday, roll out of bed and pick a place in Eau Claire that has seriously perfected the art of brunch in Eau Claire. Check out this list of our favorite restaurants in the Chippewa Valley that dish up nothing but scrumptious plates. Details »
Things To Do
Where to Go When It's a "Cheat Day"
Whether we like to admit it or not, there comes a day when we just need a "break" from the resolutions we have been working so hard on. We're only human and that's OKAY! Everyone deserves a so-called "Cheat Day" filled with the treats and sweets that we miss the most. When you are ready to have YOUR cheat day, we have all the right places to go in Eau Claire. Learn More »
Insta-Worthy Murals You Need to See
Kick off your 2021 in color! The perfect way to do that is with the murals that can be found out on the streets of Eau Claire. We've made your search of all of Eau Claire's most "Insta-Worthy" murals super easy with this list. You can go on your very own mural hunt rain, snow, or shine. There is one thing you must do... take a selfie in front of each one! Learn More »
Gear Share

Ready to go outside for some winter fun but don't have the gear? No worries! Wintermission Eau Claire offers a "Gear Share" program in which you can rent snow gear for FREE from several nearby locations. You can find participating locations and more information about the equipment and how to get it here!

Free Fishing Weekend
Mark your calendars! This weekend is Free Fishing Weekend in Wisconsin! From January 16-17, you can fish almost anywhere in Wisconsin without a fishing license. All inland waters and Wisconsin's side of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River will be open with the exception of spring trout ponds. Make sure you review ice safety and then grab your gear & bait for a day out on the frozen waters!
Midwest Artist Academy
Calling all young artists and creatives! The Midwest Artist Academy is on the hunt for talented, enthusiastic, and eager-to-learn artists ages 14-18 to join them this summer for a transformative learning experience. If that's you or someone you know, learn more about this incredible opportunity that will be taking place in our cool city this July!