May is Creative Economy Month!
In past years in Eau Claire, it was celebrated nationally and known as Creative Economy Week. Eau Claire loves the arts so much that we decided to dedicate a whole MONTH to celebrating our creative economy this year! Check out all the events taking place this May 2021 in celebration of our local artists and creatives. From open art galleries to celebrating culinary arts with a pasta making class, there is something new to see and learn in Eau Claire this spring. Details ยป
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Eau Claire Sculpture Tour
There's still time to enjoy the 2020-2021 Eau Claire Sculpture Tour! Being that Eau Claire is home to the second largest Sculpture Tour in the nation, it is a must-see! If you've already seen the latest season of sculptures, we have great news for you! New sculptures will be installed on May 19, 2021 offering a fresh, new variety of art out on the streets of Eau Claire. Plus, there will be a sculpture unveiling event on May 29, 2021 in Haymarket Plaza - so much new art for you to come see! 
Eau Claire Murals
Now that the weather is getting warmer, there is no other perfect time to discover all the murals throughout Eau Claire! Add a pop of color to your Instagram grid by taking a selfie in front of each one with #CaptureEC. We even have a map that tells you where they all are so you can have one easy and memorable mural hunt! Photo Credit: Travel Wisconsin