Fat Tire Biking
We all know winter days in Wisconsin can get long and sometimes we just need some traction in our lives to get us up and moving. What better way to get it than to go for a fat tire bike ride through the beaten, snow-covered paths in the woods of the Chippewa Valley? Eau Claire offers miles of trails with rough terrain to get your blood pumping and your adrenaline rushing. Check your tire pressure, get on the tracks and take on the dips, turns and valleys during your ride. Details »
Things To Do
Hold on tight! The sledding hills in Eau Claire are guaranteed to take you on the slide of your life no matter how old you are. When you want to spend a winter afternoon climbing through snow and racing down steep hills, Eau Claire is the perfect place to chase those winter thrills! Learn More »
Cross Country Skiing
Bundle up, grab your skis and hit the trails because the great outdoors are calling out your name. There are several trails throughout Eau Claire that are specifically groomed for cross country skiing and make for a pretty awesome adventure. Use the following link to find the best places to go! Learn More »
Ice Skating
Ice skating is just one of those things that you want to cross off your winter bucket list each year. Lace up your skates and head out on the rinks in Eau Claire. Our city offers open skate at indoor rinks and floods several different parks in the community each year to create outdoor rinks accessible to anyone and everyone.
One of the best ways to take in Eau Claire's scenic winter views is by snowshoe. Pack a thermos full of hot cocoa and set out on the trails. You might encounter a few critters if you're at Beaver Creek Reserve or feel wanderlust as you look up at the treetops at Lowes Creek County Park. Explore all the areas to snowshoe in the Chippewa Valley at the link below.
What in the world is Crokicurl?! Where can I find it?! How do I play?! We're sure all of these questions have put your head in a whirl, so let's get you all the answers to make sure you're ready to play the game during your next visit. Find it all at the link below!