Join the Leinie side!
It's no secret that in Wisconsin beer tastes good no matter what season it is. That's why the Leinie Lodge is an ideal year-round destination! The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company has been brewing beer in Chippewa Falls for over 155 years and is one of the top attractions here in the Chippewa Valley that brings in travelers from near and far. Plan your next getaway to Eau Claire to include some time at the Leinie Lodge so you can tour the brewery, learn a bit of their history and sample their award-winning brews!  Details »
Things To Do
Chippewa Valley Museum Folk Arts Festival
Join the Chippewa Valley Museum for a day of celebrating the folk arts! The Folk Arts Festival is set to take place Saturday, February 26, 2022, and will feature folk life demonstrations and several different exhibits. Come enjoy ice sculpting, weaving, woodworking, Latin American arts and much more. Find more details and ticket information at the following link! Learn More »
Eau Claire Jazz Festival Jazz Crawl
It's back and you definitely won't want to miss it... the Eau Claire Jazz Festival! Taking place April 22-23, 2022, downtown Eau Claire and Water St. will be transformed into a New York-esque jazz scene as jazz students, performers and educators will come together to play at participating Eau Claire venues and best of all, the streets! Seriously, this is the swingin' party that will be giving you major FOMO if you don't get your tickets. Find more information here! Learn More »
Up for the Eau Snow Winter Challenge?
Earning prizes for going outside and having fun in the snow? Sign us up! Or rather... sign YOURSELF up for our new "Eau Snow Winter Challenge" mobile pass! This pass is FREE and features winter recreation locations + activities throughout the Chippewa Valley for you to do in the snow and ice. Learn more about this pass, the prizes and how to sign up at the link below!
The Eau Claire Itinerary Made Just for Parents
If you're a parent and your kid(s) live in Eau Claire, chances are you might make a trip here to visit at some point, right? This itinerary is made just for you - the parents that come to Eau Claire to visit their kids no matter what age they are, university students or full-fledged adults who have come to call Eau Claire their home away from home. Explore the best places to stay, things to do, and places to eat.
Mark Your Calendars! 
Looking for an authentic Eau Claire experience? Well, that all begins with our annual events! We celebrate the seasons, the holidays and, of course, Eau Claire's individuality. Explore all our annual events including music festivals, sporting events, and others that you won't be able to find anywhere else and plan your trip!