How to Celebrate St. Patty's Day in Eau Claire
Dig out all things "green" from your closet, leave the leprechaun traps at home, and plan a day/night out at Eau Claire's bars and restaurants to celebrate St. Patrick's Day accordingly! Save your time looking for where to find the pints of Guinness or the traditional Irish fare. We've scoped out the local bars & restaurants that have some sort of Irish flare on their menus and where you can go for a shamrockin' good time! Details »
Things To Do
Check Off Your Spring Bucket List
So, yes - there is still some snow on the ground and the forecast for Eau Claire next week may not exactly scream SPRING. However, now is the time to plan for what's to come in Eau Claire next season! Start planning your spring getaway with the Eau Claire Spring Bucket List. This has something for runners, collegiate basketball fans, bird watchers and just for the people who need a fun trip to get away and renew after a long winter. Learn More »
Eau Claire
Marathon Weekend
The countdown has begun! The Eau Claire Marathon, a Boston Qualifying Marathon, will take place April 30-May 1, 2022. Find information about Eau Claire along with how to register for this race at the following link and get ready to lace up those running shoes this spring! Learn More »
Get a PIZZA This!
One could argue that there is never a bad time for pizza. Eau Claire and our surrounding areas are home to some of the best pizza joints in the Chippewa Valley! When you find yourself longing for a good locally-made piece of za, check out the Eau Claire pizza places that are guaranteed to cure your cravings.
Discover River Prairie
River Prairie is just one of those parks that has SO many different things to do. You can find unique restaurants here, trails to explore, and fun areas where you'll want to bring your kids like the playground or Trolls installation. This park is located in Altoona, WI, and is just about 3 miles from downtown Eau Claire. Explore all the wonderful things River Prairie has to offer at the link below and plan your visit!
Eau, Snow! Winter Challenge
Soak in the last few moments of winter with our Eau Snow Winter Challenge mobile pass! This pass is FREE and features winter recreation locations + activities throughout the Chippewa Valley for you to visit and to do in the snow and ice. Learn more about this pass and how to sign up at the link below!